Why Women Should Do Less To Succeed

You wonder why you don’t feel like celebrating.

If You Keep Taking on More, You’ll Get the Promotion (Right?)

Doing more work isn’t necessarily the way to get noticed.

Do You Have Opportunity Overload?

The Information Age should really be called the Information Overload Age. One of the effects of information overload is that we are exposed to an abundance of opportunities.

How to Not Wear Yourself Out

By reducing the number of things on our plate, we can live a life that is both more fulfilling and more successful. We have to first acknowledge that we can’t do it all. There will never be enough time or enough energy to learn everything, be everywhere, and support everyone.

And, Get the Promotion

By taking time to figure out what is going to get you to the next level in your career, you can put your efforts on those activities and start to disengage with commitments that aren’t going in that direction.

Get All Your Rowers Pulling in the Same Direction

Marketing executive, leadership coach, meditator and wife.

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